De-Junk the Digital - Spring Cleaning Your Cyber Life

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Posted On: May 24, 2018 by BANK in: Cyber Safety, Seasonal

It’s that time of year for the highly anticipated or dreaded, Spring Cleaning! While you may be noticing the cobwebs in your ceiling corners as you begin writing your cleaning checklist, it’s just as important to clean out the digital cobwebs at least once a year! If you have no idea where to start, don’t fret, we have created an easy list for you to chip away at in one day without too much elbow grease. Why? Why is it important to de-junk your digital life so often? The first reason is safety. You can’t be cyber-safe if you aren’t an active participant in monitoring your own data and safeguarding it from potential hackers. Second, those precious family photos from last year’s vacation could be gone in an instant if you don’t back up data most important to you. Lastly, re-evaluating your storage, web plans and physical devices can even save you money! Data Bugs Just like house cleaning, start with the toughest and most dreaded “room”

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