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BANK Partnerships

Team Up With a Trusted Partner

Take Advantage of Big Opportunities

With regulatory limits, it’s not always possible for BANK to underwrite the entire amount of a multimillion-dollar loan. As an Iowa-based community bank, we underwrite and accept loans that fit our strong corporate values. Through the BANK Participation Network, you are invited to share in these loans. As an active partner, BANK handles the underwriting and always takes a portion of the loan. We do the work. You gain income.

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Revenue Generating Loan Partnerships

No-Effort Lending Procedures

BANK handles the loan process from the initial request through closing.

  • BANK works with customers on the loan application and necessary documentation.
  • All loans are underwritten as if BANK were funding the entire amount of the loan.
  • All loans go through our strong credit review processes.
  • Our loan committee must approve all loans.

Join the BANK Participation Network>

Join the BANK Participation Network>

Attractive Revenue Opportunities

Partner banks are invited to take advantage of approved loan opportunities.

  • Your bank receives the documentation of approved loan opportunities through a secure portal.
  • You share attractive loan opportunities with your loan committee.
  • You commit to underwriting a portion of the loan.
  • Your bank earns additional income.