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Agriculture Lending

Switch on Borrowing Power.

Power Up Farm Growth.

Design an agriculture loan to suit your farm business’ financing needs. BANK knows the importance of agriculture to our local economy. For longtime farmers and agribusiness owners—and for the next generation of young farmers—BANK has viable loan products for all your farming needs. For a complete package, combine our loan products with farm-centered banking services to make managing your farm’s finances simple.

Agricultural Lending

Lines of Credit

Establish a line of credit for your farming operations. Use your line of credit to cover expenses related to seed, fertilizer, labor, irrigation, tillage, and harvest. Work with us to establish a maximum limit that supports your farm.

  • Pay back only the credit you use
  • Apply the line of credit to practically any need
  • Use your line of credit to cover dry spells in your cash flow

Term Equipment Loans

Farms run on their machinery. To acquire tractors, trucks, grain bins, silos, and other farm implements, an equipment term loan helps you keep your farm operating smoothly and efficiently. Arrange equipment loans:

  • For new and used vehicles and equipment
  • With fixed and adjustable-rate options
  • With repayment plans to match cash flow projections

Loans for Livestock

For livestock operations, your profit potential is walking around the field or barn. Whether you’re raising hogs, cows, or other livestock, our lending options and expertise help you succeed in raising profits. Take out a livestock loan:

  • To purchase livestock to raise
  • To use for expenses related to raising livestock
  • With one of multiple available rate options
  • With repayment plans structured for your financial situation

Loans for Real Estate

Expand your agricultural business horizons—literally and figuratively. Purchase land for your farm or agribusiness operation with the financial backing of an agricultural real estate loan. Consider the growth potential of loans with:

  • Multiple available term options
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Flexible payment options based on your anticipated cash flow

Contact Us to Learn More or Schedule an Appointment>

Contact Us to Learn More or Schedule an Appointment>

Plan Your Growth

Project the total cost of a loan, your loan payments, or your affordable loan amount with our calculators.

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