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Savings for Whatever Your Future Holds

There's always going to be expenses you plan for: a dream vacation, a new vehicle to a down payment on a new home. Of course, there are emergencies you don't for, too. BANK helps you be prepared for both with four different savings accounts. All are easily accessible and help you grow your precious dollars over time and to help you turn your future dreams into reality.


Pro tip: use the Recurring Transfers feature within your Online Banking account to automate your savings from your checking account on paydays!


Personal Savings

An ideal savings account for kids and adults!

  • Grow your savings with a fixed rate on your entire balance compounded quarterly
  • Requires $50 to open the account
  • Withdrawals limited to four (4) per month ($2 fee for each withdrawal over that limit)
  • No monthly fee!


Premier Money Market

The perfect account for those wanting to make their money work for them!

  • Higher balances are rewarded with better interest rates to grow your money faster!
  • Account balance is compounded monthly & credited to the account monthly
  • Requires $10,000 to open the account
  • Must maintain minimum balance of $10,000 to avoid a $10 fee
  • You may receive checks to make up to 6 withdrawals per month ($15 fee for each withdrawal over 6 withdrawals per month)


Christmas Club Savings Account

Save for the additional financial costs of the holiday season all year long!

  • Save all year long and withdraw your funds in October to be financially prepared for the holidays!
  • No monthly fee
  • Requires $1 to open the account
  • $1 weekly deposit required
  • Make deposits in 49 consecutive weeks, and we'll make the 50th deposit for you in the same amount


CHUCKaBUCK Savings Account 

The easiest way to learn how to build your savings consistently!

  • Choose the way you want to incrementally save 
  • Requires $50 minimum - $500 maximum to open the account 
  • $1 transfer from your linked BANK checking account each time you use your BANK debit card 
  • No monthly fee or minimum balance 
  • Tiered high interest based on the number of debit card transactions!


Ready to open your savings account?

Please bring a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, driver’s permit, state-issued ID, etc.) and proof of your social security number (social security card, tax returns, Medicaid card, etc.) to the branch nearest you and we will get your account set up for you!

Once you have an account opened, we can help you transfer funds from your previous accounts to your new BANK account with our Easy Switch Kit!

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