Partnering with Local Farmers & Agribusiness for Success

There's no denying the importance of agriculture to our local economy. As farms and agribusinesses  are passed down to the next generation of young farmers, we are ready to help them succeed. Not only do we provide a diverse number of agriculture loans, but can combine them with banking products to make managing your farm's finances simple.


Agricultural Lines of Credit

A line of credit is crucial for most farming operations. We'll work with you to establish your line of credit's maximum limit to help you cover expenses related to seed, fertilizer, labor, irrigation, tillage and harvest.

  • Repay only for how much credit you use
  • Can be used for practically any need
  • Use it to cover dry spells in your cash flow


Agricultural Equipment Term Loans

From tractors and trucks to grain bins and silos, an equipment term loan helps you keep your farm running smoothly.

  • Can be utilized for new and used vehicles and equipment
  • Fixed and adjustable-rate options available
  • Structure your repayment plan to match cash flow projections


Livestock Loans

Iowa is known for raising some of the best livestock in the country. Whether you're raising hogs, cows or other types of livestock, we ahve the lending options and expertise to help you achieve success.

  • Purchase livestock to raise
  • Use for expenses related to raising your livestock
  • Multiple rate options available
  • Repayment plans are structured to match your financial situation


Agricultural Real Estate Loans

Purchase more land for your farm or agribusiness operation with the financial backing of an agricultural real estate loans from BANK.

  • Multiple term options are available
  • Available in fixed or variable interest rate options
  • Flexible payment options depending on your anticipated cash flow


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